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First Posted 05:01:00 04/21/2009
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I didn’t want to believe this, but certain things in Manila are indeed still corrupt and primitive. Taxi drivers still refuse to use their meters in certain areas. On my recent balikbayan trip, I tried to get a taxi at Alabang Town Center in Muntinlupa City to go to Ortigas in Pasig City, and was baffled when all the taxi drivers said they would only take me if I paid a fixed price instead of the metered rate. In a show of unbreakable brotherhood, all of them stood firm on this “arrangement.”Frustrations

I told a policeman near the Alabang Town Center, and instead of telling the taxi drivers that what they were doing was illegal, he simply asked me, “Well, how much were they asking for?”

Frustrated, I took a jeep to Festival Mall and had the same experience with taxi drivers there. It was getting late and I had a lot of luggage, so I agreed to pay a taxi P700 just so I could go back to my hotel.

When people told me that Manila was the worst place for a tourist in the Philippines, I told them they were exaggerating. After all, I spent my childhood in the Philippines. But it?s different if you live there, as opposed to being a tourist.

One day I went shopping and used my credit card, afraid I would get mugged if I brought cash. Because I was once victimized by identity thieves, all my credit cards say ?See ID? on the signature line, per the instructions of my accountant back in the United States. Both Landmark and ShoeMart near Shangri-la Makati would not take my credit card even though I presented my driver?s license and passport as proof of my identity. Both stores said that there must be a signature on the signature line for them to be able to process my credit card as protection against fraud. I could only scratch my head in bewilderment. Since when is a signature that?s so easily copied a better protection than presenting various forms of identification?

Granted, the rest of the Philippines is still beautiful. In fact, in Palawan I had none of these frustrating experiences. But Manila? If my direct flight could just land at an airport outside of Manila, that’s where I would go next time.

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Source: (Inquirer Opinion) Frustrations of a ‘balikbayan’


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