Code of Conduct - RA 6713Code of Conduct – RA 6713

25th Anniversary

Code of Conduct

Approved, February 20, 1989

ALMOST the 25th Anniversary of the Code of Conduct

The video, on this link provided, serves as an example for the CODE OF CONDUCT under Sections 4(A)(e) – “public officials and employees shall provide information of their policies and procedures in clear and understandable language”


I like how the question was asked “what dos it mean for today” and the one guy answered, very much what i would say, that “it means for today the very same it meant for them when it was first written.”

When ever a law is made, it has to mean the same when it was first written otherwise they are changing the law and what it stood for.

Such as computers being hear today does not pardon officers from taking the time on explaining their policies, in person, all because they have it on the internet now…a thing being explained in person brings more clarity than on a piece of paper/internet otherwise both who read that one paper will draw different conclusions do to their mindset…audience relevance, what did it mean when it was first written.

The Code of Conduct was Approved, February 20, 1989 which brings us to 25 yrs of it being in practice which we know that computers, of the past, was not a thing as they are today, and since computers of the past, are more active compared to before it by no means excuses an officer where he/she does not now have to take the time, personally, on explaining their policies because computers were not in the minds of the people who helped create this law.

The only way to bring about it “…in clear and understandable language” is by an officer themselves taking the time to explain it with utmost honesty which we do not see happening in government offices these days.

The Code of Conduct

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