Human Rights ViolationHuman Rights Violations only in the Philippinbes

Malicious and intentional persecution of foreigners” stated in criminal complaints filed with United Nations OHCHR against 13 Philippines Government officials listed as a “Criminal Syndicate” for Human Rights and Due Process violations

A 360 page criminal complaint, which includes supporting documents and evidence, has been filed against high ranking officials in the Philippines Department of Justice, Immigration and Commission of Human Rights by a Greek/USA citizen and his family, that was arrested with a “handwritten note”, arbitrarily detained, extorted, denied medical care, mental torture and numerous other human rights crimes.

The complaint filed with the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights lists the Republic of Philippines and the following agencies as subjects of the complaints being a Criminal Syndicate who maliciously persecutes foreigners:human-rights (1)

Bureau of Immigration Commissioners: Ricardo David Jr.

Siegfred B. Mison, Abdullah S. Mangotara, Ronaldo P. Ledesma, Ex-Chief of Legal Arvin Cesar Santos, Ex-Chief of Intelligence Marie Antoinette Bucasas Magrobang, Immigration Special Prosecutor Julie Liza Interior Madera,Immigration Executive Director Eric Dimaculangan, Head Arresting Immigration officer Armello De Castro, Department of Justice SecretaryLeila De Lima, State Councils Ricardo V. Paras III, Paulito De Jesus,Commission on Human Rights Secretary LORETTA ANN P. ROSALES

Human rights violations: 1.Human trafficking, 2.Child abuse and Exploitation, 3.Violence against women and their children, 4.Arbitrary detention, 5.Extortion/kidnapping, 6.Denial of medical care of a detained person, 7.Mental torture of a detained person, 8.Malicious delay of justice, 9.Denial of Due process

human_rights_firstSome facts of case and alleged violations of human rights are as follows:

“On October 18, 2012, Cebu, Philippines. A team of 6 immigration officers, headed by Armello De Castro, came to my office with an undated “MISSION ORDER”, with a handwritten note by Immigration Chief of Intelligence Marie Antionette Bucasas Magrobang to arrest me.

I was not in violation of immigration law or committed any crime, all my immigration/visa documents were current and the Cebu immigration office verified that all was in order. Despite not having a warrant of arrest, they took my passport. The arrest was illegal and by forcibly threatening me and transporting me against my will, I was taken by plane to Manila and put in a detention center, this is “HUMAN TRAFFICKING” under Philippines and International law.”

“Within 2 weeks of my illegal arrest/detainment, I was being told to pay extortion amounts from $50,000-$150,000. USD in order for my release, otherwise I would “rot in Bicutan”.”

Despite no warrants of arrest and verification by my embassy that my passport and citizenship was authentic, Immigration continued to illegally detain me.

A Summary Deportation Order was issued illegally on January 10, 2013 with no due process, no hearing before special board of inquiry and no notices, Immigration officials cut out the entire legal process because I did not pay extortion money to them.

During my entire illegal detention at Bicutan Immigration detention center, my family and my human rights were violated by Immigration Officials. The detention facility was managed under rules and regulations not approved by the DOJ or registered with ONAR. They were operating the detention facility under “fantasy rules”.Truth is truth even if no one believes it a lis is a lie even if everyone believes it

The BI Bicutan Detention Center is an administrative holding facility for foreigners with alleged administrative violations, not criminal charges, thus it is not a jail or prison. Foreigners come from all parts of the world with different time zones; it is necessity to have communication with their immediate family members, embassy officials, lawyers, and spiritual advisors. Also they prohibit the use of mobile phones and personal computer units which denies detainees’ access to immediate family members, lawyers, embassy officials, and spiritual counselors, under Republic Act No. 7438, detainees rights to communicate within the act, Detainees are denied of this right.

The Bicutan Immigration detention center was a torture/execution center used in the Marcos era. There is a weapons shooting range directly behind the Bicutan detention center, constant firing of weapons take place 14 hours a day, even stray bullets hit the facility. Early morning hours the guards would rev the engines to their motorcycles inside the facility just to deny us sleep. There was constant psychological torture to the detainees.

We were threatened to keep quiet and do not complain or we would disappear like trouble makers in the Marcos days. My fiancé even filed a police report against the guards.

1902027_389813001183615_5005432186472186507_nOn. March 03, 2013 I went to clinic and was checked by nurse that I had an infected tooth and needed medical care, a request for medical pass was sent since there are no dental facilities are there at detention center, after numerous requests, they denied my request for medical care. I had to suffer for 43 days before being taken.

Despite the vast complaints filed with various agencies, the subjects of the complaints and the Office of the President were covering up these human rights violations and avoiding investigations instead of immediately solving them. Their actions were malicious and the intentional persecution of foreigners in order to extort money, if you did not pay, you were made an example for other foreigners so they would pay.

On October 7, 2013, 9 women and their 17 children, of whom my fiancé and son were included, filed criminal complaints against Bureau of Immigration Commissioners Siegfred B. Mison, Abdullah S. Mangotara and Ronaldo P. Ledesma.

The Philippines Commission on Human Rights never contacted any of the victims or investigated.

I had been illegally detained by the DOJ/Immigration for 18 months has presented more evidence to the Ombudsman to prove that DOJ Chief Leila De Lima is arbitrarily detaining me and causing malicious delay in resolving his Appeal Memorandum.

I provided resolution orders of 3 other foreigners who had Appeals before the DOJ in the same year as mine but the 3 appeals were resolved in 45 days to 6 months, while I was been illegally detained for 18 months and no decision has been made.

Despite 2 motions before the DOJ Secretary Leila De Lima for temporary liberty/bail, to be able to return to my pregnant fiancé, 3 year old son and take care of my business, DOJ Secretary denied my requests stating: “THERE IS NO MERIT IN HIS REQUEST TO BE RELEASED ON BAIL FOR HUMANITARIAN REASONS”.

That DOJ secretary Leila De Lima in her orgy to persecute me for exposing corruption and human rights violations in the DOJ/Immigration, had also violated the human rights of my fiancé and children and put them under mental stress and in danger.

It must be noted that the DOJ prosecutors and Immigration officials coordinate their actions in order to extort money from foreigners, if we don’t pay; they abuse our civil and human rights until we do pay or are deported.

“In my case, it began as kidnapping/extortion attempt but after reporting on the corruption and human rights violations of foreigners, their actions were to punish and torture for exposing them to the international community”.

I have filed criminal complaints against all 11 Philippines Department of Justice and Bureau of Immigration officials, related to my human rights violations, to the Ombudsman’s Office and Commission of Human Rights. Only 2 of these government officials were made to answer the complaints before DOJ prosecutors, the same corrupt departments which are subjects of my complaints, but no advancement in the complaints.

Leila De Lima had served as the Commission on Human Rights from 2008-2010 and is fully aware of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, as well as International laws pertaining to Arbitrary detention and Rights of a Detained person, to which the Philippines is a signatory to, but Justice secretary Leila De Lima continues to ignore these laws.



Human Rights Violation only in the Philippines


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