People Power & No to RH

People power no-to-rh“It is quite ironic that for a country that gave the world “People Power”, so many RH advocates are so willing to push the passage of the RH bill primarily to stem the tide of “runaway population growth”, to borrow their own term. How easily these RH proponents forget the lessons of the past: that we were able to overthrow a dictator by our numbers. People Power. Power from the People, and of the People.“[1]

Hopefully what this “PEOPLE POWER” article has said will awaken many people to realize that if our people from the past can overthrow a dictator we today should be able to do the same and even much more by making a difference for the Philippines.

Do not sit back and do nothing for that is what those in office wants you to do, and do not let a person, who has been granted the right to work in a government office, abuse the power that they have been given to be used towards themselves when the power they have is to be first and foremost used for the well being of the people.

Study up on your rights and remebver to apply them when ever speaking with someone in a government office for the power of the people will only become “People Power” when we hold those in government line of work accountable to their sworn duty to serve and protect and obey the Constitution.




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