How to transfer money from Chase Bank, or any US bank, to the Philippines?

On YAHOO! Answers someone has asked the question:

I going on vacation to the Phillippines for a month and I wanted to know the safest fastest way I can get money from my bank Chase in the US when I’m in the Philippines?

Any suggestions are welcome, thanks


The question on how to transfer money was asked around eights years ago.I have been in the Philippines for over ten years

I have been in the Philippines for over ten years. ATMs are easy to go to as long as they are external ATMs, such as BDO and Metrobank, but the down fall is that they will only allow you to withdraw 10,000P at a time which adds up to over $10 or more and each transaction.

I have heard, that if you have a Citibank and you withdraw from a Citibank, in the Philippines, the transactions are FREE. You can choose US dollars or Pesos. But, there are very few Citibanks which are located in Manila, Cebu or Davao.

Western Union and MoneyGram are other ways I have once tried.

Through all my searching and trial and error, I have found the best solution for sending money to the Philippines. My solution was XOOM.




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