Who are we?
Our Mission & Vision Statement

Social Change is a site all started for the soul purpose towards expressing how both the Filipino people and foreigners feel towards the Graft/Corruption going on in our government offices right there before our very eyes and it feels nothing is being done towards fixing it.

Our Mission is to use our Constitutional giving rights to voice out how we feel about our government, either it be good or bad, so we can help others become more aware, or wake the people up, on what is happening so that we can, in all legal and polite ways, reclaim our Constitutional rights that the government has ignored.

Our Vision is to restore peace, where it is the government working for the people, according to Article 11 of the Constitution, and to stop the change that the politicians are trying to do towards our Constitution for it is not the Constitution that must change but it is the people.

  • “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny;
    when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

I believe that the Constitution is a good one as a theoretical guarantee of liberty and human rights. But writing constitutional documents is the easiest part, making it work is the real test. — “a living constitution The Ramos Presidency” by Joaquin G. Bemas, S.J. first printing 1999 & second printing 2000 page 36

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